5 ways to find happiness

Let me let you in on a few secrets on how to find happiness

These are five of my tips…..

1. Learn to LET-GO: Hardest but the most rewarding of all to be happy

2. Happiness does NOT depend on what you have or who you are.  It solely relies on what you THINK: Thinking positive & seeing the good in everything can keep you happy, believe in yourself!  Simply be mindful and be aware of your thoughts.   Acknowledge unwanted negative thoughts (thinking of the past or future) and let go them completely so you can concentrate on feeling grateful for the present moment.

3. Admire without desiring: Be truly happy for others and your self,  never compare.  Let go of desires and wanting what others have, what you have is enough for you to be happy.  You have the power to be happy within you,  celebrate that ability but be humble!

4. Be grateful and content with yourself:  Think of all the goodness inside you, and what you have right now and be grateful for it.  Feel at peace with where you are and what you have.  We are enough!

5. Do what you love and moves you: Follow your heart, and do the things that truly makes you happy.  Every action taken has to be thought of to make sure they do not hurt you or anyone else in any way.

Do you have any tips that can be added to my list?

Wishing you a happier more peaceful life!

About ShaniW Family Travel Notes

I am a mother, artist, business owner, traveller, adventure seeker, people pleaser, wanna be greeny, truth finder, fighter against poverty all rolled into one person. Yes my mind can be pretty tiring sometimes when more than one of these above mentioned roles are at work in my head. Life is busy, but at the end of the day we are responsible for the way we live our lives. Everything comes down to choices we make. So I plan to make some changes in order to live the way we really feel "right" in our hearts. That is my goal for my family....
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